Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Wedding and a Ferret

SOLC Day 27 of 31
I have been the wedding coordinator at my church for many years. My job is to meet with a bride and herhusband-to-be or maybe her mother. I meet with them several months ahead of their wedding to go over the logistics to be considered in terms of the church. I give them thoughts about where the flowers should go, we discuss the order the bridesmaids and groomsmen would enter the church, and where various family members might sit. Among other things! At one meeting with a bride and her mother, the bride interjected, as she threw her mother a glance, “I have a question to ask Sue.  Mom, I already know what you think.” She proceeded to tell me that she had this pet, this very special pet, that she would like to be in her wedding. In the pause that was probably two seconds, my mind conjured the thought that it was probably a dog and was pondering whether we could stretch the rules and make that happen. I snapped back to when she announced, “It’s my ferret.” I’m not sure, but I’ve often reflected that my eyebrows probably hit my hairline in surprise. She quickly added, “Oh, but it’s a very special pet and I’ve already bought him a tux.”  Spontaneously, but I’m not sure from where, I responded, “I bet your ferret won’t know that it is your special day. Why don’t you have your photographer come to your house ahead of time and take pictures of you and your ferret in his tux?” She told me she thought that was a good idea. I heard the exhale of relief come from her mother.

Through the years I have collected, (though unfortunately did not write down),
many funny wedding stories. This is among the best. I still chuckle at the visual of a ferret walking down the center aisle of a 175 year old church with the bride!

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  1. OH MY! A Ferret? Wow.

    "I have been the wedding coordinator at my church for many years." This sentence alone, I believe, grants you access to heaven immediately (one day far into the future).