Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Special Group

SOLC Day 20 of 31
The book club that I am a member of met tonight for its monthly gathering. On my half hour drive home, I was reflecting on how the evening was like a little get away and at the same time I was mentally doing my pre-writing for my slice.

I haven't ever done a list for my daily reflection, tonight seemed to be the right time.

Eight reasons I loved my book club tonight (one for each member who was there):

1.     We shared a book by a local author about the upstate NY Finger Lakes wine region.
2.    Wine from our region, and discussed in the book, was sampled.
3.    Delicious cheeses, Brie, specialty pizzas, grapes and two delectable desserts were enjoyed.
4.    A lively discussion that sparked with enthusiasm filled the evening.
5.    Laughter was shared that shook the day's challenges away.
6.    The warmth of the group of women made our unseasonal Spring turn to instant summer.
7.    The popping of suggested book titles for more reading filled the air.
8.    We left with final reminders for the promise of next month's time for sharing the pleasures of an evening spent with friends.


  1. Brie, good friends, wonderful books... sounds like an ideal night!

  2. I like the fact that you had a reason for choosing 8 -- cute idea! #7 is my favorite by far - your line "popping of suggested book titles" is such a strong sensory image!