Friday, March 16, 2012

Join Me For a Cuppa... There Are A Lot of Choices!

SOLC Day 16 0f 31
After finishing the dinner dishes, I decided to make a cup of tea that I would sip as I got inspiration for tonight's slice. I set the water boiling and perused my cupboard for the bag, sachet, or loose tea that would become my beverage. Do you know how you look at something every day for a long time until one day you actually see it? That happened with the shelf that held my tea. Inspired by other slicer's lists, I wondered how many choices I actually had. I debated whether to quickly shut the cupboard door, confess to being a tea collecting addict, make a poem with their labels or simply a list of the flavors that await. It's embarrassing, but at least you can't see my face. So here goes: Tropical Orange, Tropical Green, Paris and Annapolis Treasures (I think I'm longing for a trip), Decaf Black and Birthday Tea; Rooibos  Chai, both loose leaves and sachet, Decaf  Hot Cinnamon and also Herbal Hot Cinnamon, Decaf Chai Black, Peppermint Herbal, Royal Wedding Tea and Earl Grey Supreme. Orange Spice Herb and a canister of random tea bags which I didn't count. To sample for the future there are small bags of loose Raspberry, Lemon Herbal and Chocolate Mint teas!

How did I acquire so many choices? One thing for sure, there's enough tea for all. Want to come for a cuppa?

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  1. I love tea. I quit coffee almost two years ago. My favorite tea is the Tazo Zen tea which is a green tea. I also love Earl Grey and Chai. Sounds yummy.