Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Treasure is in the Friendship

SOLC Day 29 of 31

Early on in the challenge I blogged about the special friendship that two friends and I have shared for many years. At that time I told how one of the friends had very recently passed away.  It is still hard not to think that I will again walk into a room and she will be there or dial her number and hear her voice.

Tonight her husband invited my friend and I and our husbands over for dinner.  He said he wanted my friend and I to go through his wife's jewelry and see if there was anything we would like. His two daughter in laws had already taken remembrances and he wanted us to have some pieces that we might enjoy. We had shared a love for jewelry and had often shared the stories if the gifts of jewelry  that we had  received for special occasions through the years.

After dinner, our husbands went into the living room while we were offered bags to go through in the kitchen.  We soon realized the value in the jewelry was the memories they held. With heavy hearts we opened little box after little box. We  sighed as we shared stories of a a piece that she had worn to her son's wedding, another that she had bought when we were all on vacation, and others that we could recall when she had received them and the outfits she wore them with.

I feel I have come home with little pieces of her life that I can wear and treasure...someday. Now it is bittersweet and wearing them will make me sad. I will reflect back to them often until one day I  can smile when I put them on. It is not the monetary value of these items that is valuable but the friendship and memories that they represent.

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