Monday, March 19, 2012

I Should Follow My Own Advice

SOLC Day 19 of 31
I have the pleasure of working with two very capable groups of fifth grade readers in book clubs twice a week which adds some balance to the remedial groups that I also work with. With the input of the members of each book club, the number of pages they will read before the next time we meet is decided. I often remind them to pace their reading through the week, to not wait until the night before to do their reading. I suggest that they won't like the reading as much if they wait until the night before and it will  add stress to themselves and their families.

I am a member of an adult book club that I love. I am the newest member and was delighted to be asked to join. When we gather monthly, not only do we discuss that month's book, but share events of our life AND great "appetizers" that serve as the evening's meal. Tomorrow night (22 hours from now) is when my book club will meet.  I have not finished this month's book. In fact, I am not quite half way through. I meant to finish earlier in the month but there was another book I wanted to read first. So I  did. I have have been dutifully writing my daily slices (19 days and counting!) and reading slices and reading slices and commenting on slices and commenting on slices. Where did the month go? So here I am the night before, stressing about how much book reading I can fit in this evening and maybe after school tomorrow afternoon so that I can have some reasonable contribution to tomorrow night's discussion. The words that I  have repeated to my students echo in my ears. I think I should have taken better notice of my advice. I promise I will next month...


  1. Please share your story with your students. They will get a kick out of their teacher not following her own advice :) I'm in an adult book club too. We also meet monthly and our group just read The Hunger Games. (I read all three) On Saturday we're going to see the movie, which is what we do when our book club choice has been made into a movie. It's so much fun to compare the book and the movie. Happy reading!

  2. Sue,
    I too am in a similar situation of needing to heed this advice. Good luck and happy reading. I am signing off to go read a bit before calling it a night! ~ Theresa