Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Books From the Room

SOLC Day 21 of 31
I'm not sure where this "poem" in the form that it is in came from! I was playing with words and reflecting on our school's book room that I take great pride in. Though the room's collection is primarily for teacher selections to use with their students, I love seeing individual students from all grades come and browse the shelves for books they want to add to their book boxes! It's even better when they bring them back and share what they've read and make recommendations for new titles I should purchase.

Reading room
Room for books
Books on shelves
Shelves beckoning
Beckoning students
Students browsing
Browsing left and then to the right
Right books to read
Read for pleasure
Pleasure in the words
Words to remember
Remember for life
Life that is enriched
Enriched by the books
Books from the room

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