Monday, March 12, 2012

Ideas are Like Pizza Dough

SOLC Day 12 of 31
I came across the quote by Anna Quindlen:  Ideas are like pizza dough made to be tossed around. Since I made homemade pizza and its dough last night, it set me thinking about this statement and I decided it was very true!

You can stretch your ideas one  way then another depending on how adventurous you are feeling. The higher you toss them the larger the ideas become, round and round in your head and on the paper. Shape it round or square or a custom shape. Change it by tossing it from person to person. Shape it according to purpose: small for a personal pan, sheet pizza for a crowd. Small for a slice, larger for an essay. It can be made thin or thick, depending on the day or your mood. When you're an expert pizza maker, or willing to take a risk, you can twirl it through the air with great abandon.

Once your ideas have been tossed around, time to add the toppings: the details, the finessed phrases, the humor, the emphasis, targeting your audience. All are awaiting a gastronomical treat.


  1. Cool comparison! I have to admit that I'm quite hungry now. :)

  2. I love this analogy. We do toss our ideas around while thinking of our audience. Isn't it interesting how we here a line in our head when doing something and it then creates into a slice? That's the power of noticing.