Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Promise of a New Grandchild

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I have been blessed with a close relationship with my granddaughter for the 15 years of her life. We have shared sleepovers, cuddles, parks, books, movies and craft projects. My arms and life had circled her so closely that, though thrilled with the prospect, it was hard to imagine letting an unknown little person into that circle. Two and a half years ago my grandmother love got to embrace her brother. It took not even a blink to love this new little guy with my total being from the first moment I saw him. We have started to build our own special memories too.  That sweet hug and kiss greeting, "grandma let's read", "push me more" (on the swing)...He has my heart. Now we're eagerly looking forward to another little boy; they're going to have a little brother join their family in July.   Though this new little grandson-to-be is already in my heart, his looks, expressions and hugs are yet to be known. While at a family gathering today, I couldn't help but look wistfully at my daughter's growing belly. Who is this little guy who's kicking around? His room that he will be sharing with his brother is being perfectly and thoughtfully readied. New little clothes are folded and in his drawers. His parents are keeping his name a secret until he arrives, despite our many clever guesses. Though unknown by name and visible person right now, what is known that memories and love will grow with him. How blessed I am to have an opportunity to welcome another grandchild into my life! I can hardly wait.


  1. I understand how you feel about the close relationship you have with your grandchildren. I love my grandson in the same way.

  2. Sue, Beautiful words of love for your family. I can't wait for a grandchild to wrap my arms around! ~Theresa