Sunday, March 25, 2012


SOLC Day 26 of 31
As I did some Spring yard clean up (where did all those leaves come from?), I kept noticing little patches of blue. Sometimes they were clustered in the garden, scattered at the edge of the park or forming patches of blue in the lawn. I've always been intrigued by these delicate forget-me-nots. It made me think of the special little events clustered or by themselves that we experience in life that should not be forgotten.

A loyal friend
A happy time
A baby's soft breath
A loving embrace
The first time you were called grandma
A supportive listener
A loving husband of many years
Your children's wedding days
Laughs shared
The warmth of a crackling fire
Unexpected praise
A meal shared with the extended family
A special birthday
A spontaneous smile aimed in your direction
The first flower after a long winter


  1. Sue, Look at this, you are starting the week ahead of the game with Monday's post ready to go! And you did some yard work. You go girl! It's getting so late. I need to get to bed!

  2. These are my favorite flowers. I look for them in my ally behind my cottage. I'm worried I won't see them this year, because everything is blooming so early.

  3. I love you post - so many beautiful things in the our days to embrace and you have capture many from the day to day to the exceptional days - like wedding days.

    Thanks for sharing.