Sunday, March 25, 2012

An I Wonder List

SOLC Day 25 of 31 
As I woke up early this morning, I laid in bed realizing I was composing an I Wonder list. It seems this heightened awareness of writing possibilities, sparked by this challenge, has entered even my wakening thoughts!

I wonder if I post early- would that increase the number of comments  on my post.
I wonder if I can find time today to leave more comments on others' slices.
I wonder If I can slide out of bed yet not wake up my husband. He's a CPA and during this season he is working at least 16 hours a day. I'd hate to steal any minutes of sleep that he can catch. But I do want to capture these musings.
I wonder if I can sit through church today without getting upset. It's been so hard to glance at the pew where my close friend Jean always sat in church. It's been seven weeks since she passed away but my feelings are still raw.
I wonder if I will be disciplined enough to exercise today or at least take a long walk.
I wonder if my son and daughter in law will actually move back to our city. The prospects look favorable but I'm finding it's hard to be patient.
I wonder if I should write a to-do list for the day so I can visually check off the items, to feel accomplishment.

Coming back to these thoughts a few hours later, it sounds like my early morning thoughts leaned toward the negative. Is it the lack of sun today? I wasn't aware of that this morning.

I wonder if I should go pick a big bouquet of the daffodils that have made a sunny patch in my garden.
I wonder if today would be a good day to do some crafty projects pushing in my mind.
I wonder if the mundane can wait and I should go visit my grandchildren.
I wonder if I should bake cookies for some friends.
I wonder if I should stop now and post this slice. The day is dreary but I'll be back later!


  1. I love this post! A great capture of so many feelings. I say ditch the to-do list, visit the grandkids, pick the flowers, and bake the cookies! I know exactly what you mean about how thinking about writing possibilities sneaks into all the corners of our day.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post! "I wonder if I post early- would that increase the number of comments on my post." This is my favorite line :-) I guess because I have often wondered that also...Happy slicing!

  3. So sorry for your loss of your dear friend. Early? Late? I have no idea.--but late usually is when it happens

  4. I have read a couple of "I Wonder" posts this month, and I love them every time. I need to get one posted before the end of the month, which is quickly approaching - how did that happen?!?! I wonder if wonders can be positive or negative? If they are truly wonders, I would think they could go either way... I was reading them with a mind open to either possibility. I read some self-reflection, some sympathy, some sadness, some hopes, but I didn't read negativity... I actually really enjoyed the first list. :)

  5. I especially like "the daffodils that have made a sunny patch." I can picture it. Lots of wondering makes life interesting...

  6. I love your I wonder list. I almost posted an "I am" list today and decided to do something else. I hope you picked the daffodils...they always brighten a dreary day.

  7. I was captured by your "wonderings" and then I read the line where you questioned their negative slant. I had to stop and re-read because I didn't see them as negatives...just thoughts in your head. I hope you did as Ramona suggested...time with grandkids and baking cookies!