Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dresser Top Treasures!

SOLC  Day 4 of 31
Until recently, my husband and I still had the dressers purchased when we first got married, many moons ago. A source of irritation through the years has been the inability to dust the top of my husband’s dresser. Assorted “treasures” lifted from his pocket at the end of each day cluttered the top of it. Days, weeks, even months of promise to clear it never came to be. Through the years, I would provide organizing baskets and containers, occasionally shoving a filled vessel into the closet for a momentary reprieve. Alas, objects reappeared and were joined by others.

Finally we got a beautiful new bedroom set! The pleasure of a serene dresser top! My husband said he would do the best he could to keep it clear. I have been trying to ignore the cluttered landscape now reappearing. Upon close inspection yesterday, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Somehow from cleaning out  his old dresser, he found some things he couldn’t part with. There sitting among unused film in canisters (antiques?) was a roll of film still cocooned in its original box. At the same time I did a deep sigh, I had to laugh. Upon examining the box, I saw printed on its side that it was suggested that the film be developed by December 1978! I’m wondering why we are saving it. Perhaps it is indeed now a piece of Kodak’s history.

Maybe we could save it somewhere else.

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  1. That is too funny! I wonder why he's kept this box of film. Do you even have a camera that can use it? Oh, the things we hang on to, for whatever reason. :)