Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running To School

SOLC Day 13 of 31
It occurred to me that although I am not physically running to school each morning, since I live about 20 miles away, I am however virtually running all the way there. As I get into  the car, I’m thinking to myself, OK, my school and lunch bags are in the car, tea mug is in the holder, not on the roof of my car. Keys in hand, yeah I found them easily this morning, I insert them into the ignition and  as I’m backing out the driveway my mind starts racing...and I’m off. Yes, I took my pills, I have my water bottle. I hope I put the meat in the refrigerator to defrost. Hmm...what should I make with it.  I need to see a second grade teacher about her new student. Check with Peter (my principal) about the memo that should  be sent to the curriculum director. Touch base with the school psychologist about an upcoming CSE. Return a call to a teacher in another district about a new student...

Red light.

I  take a quick look around,  smile at the sun that’s trying to be warm through my car’s windows, give a quick glance at  the cars on either side of me. I catch my breath.

Green Light.

Gather the materials for my Kindergarten group. Check with teachers about the new students to be added to  our K-Wrap around program. Yikes! Superintendent’s Conference Day is Friday, do I have everything ready? I have a  1:30 meeting, guess I'd better eat lunch at my desk today. My report cards need to be run before Thursday...

Phew, I’m here. That was quite a 35 minute run.

Now the race begins.


  1. Wow, I felt like I was there with you!! Love the way educators multitask mentally and physically. Hang in there and hope you get it all done!

  2. Our minds are a checklist of ideas and reminders. I love the step by step travel you had. I especially liked the red light where you noticed the sun and those around you.