Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ants, Ants, Ants

SOLC Day 24 of 31 

 I don't know if it is the early spring or if our house has some tiny holes where they can sneak in, but I feel like we have been invaded by black ants! Normally unable to hurt any living thing, in the case of these ants I am brutal. I guess it has become a cause to banish them once and for all. Despite any tactic I have tried, they seem to be winning. If anyone has tried something that has gotten rid of them, I would love to hear. I would rather not spray pesticides, but am ready to try anything else!

This is a first try at a poem. I actually am laughing at myself for putting any energy into writing about these ants that are becoming my nemesis!

They’re black, they scurry,
Seeming to be in a hurry.
Parading black feet,
Looking for any sweet treat.
Traveling the kitchen,
Certainly on a mission.

This is my sweet home,
Not a place for you to roam.
I’ve set out eight traps,
Filled with some poisonous sap.

I squish you on sight,
Shiver a little from fright.
March as an army,
Seem oh so very smarmy.



Look here I’m bigger,
A good plan I will figure.
I will find a way,
Oh no, you won’t want to stay!


  1. I know what you mean. Last year they were in the kitchen, I hated to kill them but kill I did. This year they have seemed to find the bathroom and bedroom. Love the word smarmy.

  2. Oh the downside to spring. I too launch a battle when the parading black feet come marching in. Love your poem!