Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Cookbook Story

SOLC  Day 6 of 31
As I scanned my cookbook shelves for the volume that held the recipe for what I wanted to make for dinner last night, I had a flashback to slices from last year. Several people stacked books so that the titles on their spine told a story or made a poem. As my ingredients lay scattered on the counter, I started pulling volumes that might work together. As the pile starting growing on the dining room table, I stood back, rearranged, re-stacked and stood back again. I did that so many times it occurred to me that I was editing my pile much as I would a slice! I found I could keep rephrasing the titles together to tell even a different story.

A little self-serving spine-note: As I scanned the pile that was arranged, I realized that from the many cookbooks in my collection, I had pulled three cookbooks that are close to my heart. These three I had worked on and marketed as fundraisers for non-profit organizations for which I had been a part. I guess these old friends just naturally fit into my life and my just-for-fun stacking story.


  1. What a fun slice. I did book spine poems with my students a couple of years ago and loved the process. I had not thought about using the idea with cook books though, so I enjoyed that twist.

    It is interesting to think about shuffling them around as revisions. It is so nice to be able to draw students' attention to the revision process in a way that they might not have considered.

  2. I love book spine poems. Sometimes I do them with my class but it takes a lot of working putting all of those books back! I love how you described your editing process.

    1. Another way you could do this without the putting of books back, would be for them to peruse the book shelf and write down the names of books in a list. Cut the list apart and arrange the titles. Easily revised and no book returns.

  3. I liked the revision process of reordering the books. I did this type of poem using music titles in my iTunes library.

  4. I've never done a book spine poem, but - wow - am I excited to do one! My favorite "lines" of yours are Picnics and Porch Suppers and that perfect ending, Chocolates on the Pillow. :) I also love Donna's idea of using iTunes titles.

  5. Love this idea! May try it with students later...after the storm of testing passes.