Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SOLSC One Day to Go The Wait for Weight

How many times can a person lose 20 pounds or so? Unfortunately I am finding out for at least the third time.

I have been writing down what I eat, weighing and measuring portions, counting the points, drinking the water, watching the scale. Each week I formally weigh in. Down .2 of a pound! Are you kidding? Just planning healthy meals, writing it all down and fretting should have reflected at least a 5-pound loss on the scale.

Why is it so easy to put the pounds on? Without any journaling or planning I have on occasion successfully added 5 pounds in a week.

Just this last week, I passed up hors d’oeurves, dumplings, a mountain of cheese and even wine at a reception. No problem. I turned my head at two kinds of cupcakes with gooey frosting, dips, snack mix and pizza at a shower at school. No problem. The problem is that the scale won’t work with me, reflecting all my effort and sacrifice.

After putting on my lightest weight workout clothes, shedding my (I’m sure it’s heavy) jewelry and taking just a sip of water on my way home, I went for the weekly weigh in. I was rewarded with .4 of a pound loss this week. Euphoria crossed my mind and then reality told me that the weight wasn’t even that of two sticks of butter.

I know the eating is healthy too and that counts for something. But I don’t know if I can stand the wait to say good-bye to this weight.


  1. Sorry it was such a down day. Maybe you're at that plateau we all seem to hit when trying to lose pounds. Keep ignoring all those dips, cupcakes, etc. They're not worth it! And-best wishes!

  2. I wonder how much your "weighty" thoughts weigh. Try being light headed for awhile before visiting the scale next time! good luck, it is hard work.