Thursday, March 3, 2011

SOLSC! Day 3 of 31 Three Late Thoughts

Three late thoughts on a Thursday night about my newly named blog, Keep In Touch:
...a friend who is in constant battle with cancer, another with a beautiful and now healthy baby who just came home after arriving in this world three months early
...the needs of my mother who just moved into a new home, the excitement of my grandson's move into the toddler room at daycare
...long-time friends and friendships yet to be made

Looking forward to the weekend and writing before the clock is thinking about striking midnight!


  1. I like your blog title. I'm finding at this phase in my life, reaching out and creating ways to Keep In Touch is gaining more importance.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Your thoughts are an important reminder about the need to keep balance in our lives, keeping our eyes on the people who matter the most. Also loved listening to your young readers today! ~Theresa