Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SOLSC! 2011 2 of 31: A School for Sudan

This summer I ordered Linda Sue Park's new book, A Long Walk to Water. I was eager to read it because Ms. Park is a local author (hometown pride!) and I've been interested in the unimaginable stories of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan. These children, young children endured conditions that hardly seem possible to have survived. This book is based on the true stories of some of these "Lost Boys" and their eventual journey to the United States. Last night I had the good fortune to hear one of these "Lost Boys", who is now a grown man, speak. His story rolled through my head all day. Though he overcame great odds, his story last night was of the school that he plans to build in the Sudan. When he returned to the Sudan for a visit after many years in the U.S., the children he spoke with had a plea to him to please help them go to school. With the support of the non-profit organization he has helped to start, bricks will be formed, a contractor hired and an eight room school  built. The children will go to school, the materials to aid teaching will be minimal, but this small building by our standards will be received as a great institute of learning. We have much more in our schools but take it so for granted. Though this young man has great pride in his citizenship in the United States, his commitment to his land of birth is strong.

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  1. What courage these boys have had. I wonder how I would have reacted in the same situation. You have made me think and appreciate what we have in our schools.