Monday, March 14, 2011

SOLSC Day 14 of 31 Please Read With Me Tonight

Working with young readers is a pleasure and a challenge. I have the good fortune to work with small groups of children who need extra support with their reading and writing. They work hard in the moment of the 30 minutes we're  together; I want them to develop a LOVE of reading, the real success, that will take them beyond our time together. Each night I send home at least one book that they should be able to read independently. It is placed in a special cloth bag for easy identification. Letters have been sent home asking for the parent's support of their child's reading by setting aside a little time to practice with them each night (or as many nights as possible).

Each day when I meet with the students I begin with, "Who can celebrate what they read last night?" Often the students say that they have not read and that neither the bag nor the book has come out of their backpack.

Time to try another approach. I purchased an inexpensive photo album, removed the pages and designed an insert promoting the cause for reading at night. I then had the student sign the note and attached it to their backpack with a large notebook ring. The plan is that the parent will see the tag on the outside of the bag leaning against the wall at home. It will serve as a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder of the pleasant time they can spend with their child. I hope we do some celebrating tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful idea. I wish that I could have used these on past students/families. Please let us know if this is helpful! I'm eager to hear what happens.

  2. I love the idea of celebrating what they read! I also love the note. It's very eye catching! Hopefully tomorrow's slice will be about a child celebrating having read!

  3. Great idea! I love your approach--you refuse to be defeated!

  4. Your post sounds a little like mine...your students are just shorter! The sad part is that when they get to the high school level, there's such a push to NOT read, any love you've given them in that area lays dormant for a while. But please keep trying on your end, and I'll keep trying on mine!