Monday, March 28, 2011

SOLSC Day 28 of 31 Best Not Judge

After a doctor appointment at the hospital, I was waiting in line in my car to pay for parking. The line was long, seemingly never ending due to the time. I must admit I was starting to grumble in my head about how much I might be paying for not only the parking time but the wait in line, in addition to burning expensive gas! My head was still grumbling as I approached the payment booth. Stopping to pay, I took a hard look at the attendant. He looked familiar.

I heard you speak at my church a few weeks ago.
So good to see you.

Very few words were exchanged but my head went into gear as I pulled away.

How many times do we entertain the thought of the attendant and how underappreciated their job might be, wondering if there was a job they might rather have. How long have they had this job and how much longer would they have it? Maybe even a stab of sympathy is felt.

Having previously heard Sebastian speak certainly made me smile. He was in this job to earn money to put toward finishing his college degree. He is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He had an unimaginable personal journey in Sudan and has continued on another for many years in the U.S. He is now a U.S. citizen and is planning a trip to the Sudan this summer to make arrangements for starting the construction of a school in the town of his birth.

Clearly he has aspirations and has worked unimaginably hard to achieve his goals. This job is just a brief road stop. He has high aspirations and ambition beyond belief.

It really reminded me not to judge anyone in the booth. Who knows what their personal journey has been or what it might be.


  1. What a powerful reminder--told in a well-written story (my favorite way to receive reminders and lessons). I think we all need to remember to step back and consider the stories of others.

  2. Our minds do work in impatient ways sometimes, don't they? You told the story as a cautionary tale very well. The lead set it up so we definitely wanted to know more. I wondered what path you were taking, & it was lovely to hear that you know this young man who has overcome so much. Thanks for telling the story!