Saturday, March 19, 2011

SOLSC Day 19 of 31 It's a Stretch for Me at the Gym

Saturday morning.
Off to the gym to try and stretch out a week’s worth of tension.

Stretch forward and down

I’ve been trying to stretch forward all week

Right hand down, then left

One foot ahead of the other Monday to Friday

Go down into plank

Hmmm…maybe I could cook a steak on a plank

Up into downward dog

Maybe I should have come to the gym more this week

Hold the pose and rotate to the left

Flexible? I try to be

Down into child’s pose

My favorite position, no balance involved

Warrior position

I like these standing positions; clear my mind, clear my mind, focus

Down to the floor, to work our abs

I hope I can find them; how many more?

Breathe in, exhale

Yikes, I even have to think about doing that

Ok, I’m focused.

Quiet music

We’re done?


  1. My gym closed this week along with my favorite yoga class.
    Thanks for allowing me to do virtual yoga with you.

  2. Love your poem. Very cool the way you alternated from a thought to a pose throughout your piece. I should go to the gym today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I too like the way you alternated the two strands. Very creative.

  4. Yes, I loved this too! I know the yoga is supposed to be meditative but my thoughts would be working the way yours were!

  5. I like how you think while trying not to. The brain is always working and thinking especially while one is trying to slice for 31 days.

  6. It's fun that we are thinking of writing even when doing other things. When I exercised this am, I mentally brainstormed things I could write about next week. I enjoyed the alternating actions/thoughts. The style worked very well.