Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SOLSC Day 15 of 31 Waxing Poetic

While at the mall this weekend I stopped, stuck to the floor, as I spied a box labeled "Poetic Waxing"! I wanted to shout, "Where are the slice of life bloggers? They won't believe this!" It seems that by purchasing Poetic Waxing you will also receive bliss. I can hardly believe I left it on the shelf. Reading just a little further, it seems it also takes away.

But if you wax poetic, I've found it gives back to the heart of who you are and to your soul.
It keeps you thinking and playing with words.
Tonight alone, I wonder if I should wax poetic about my day at school that continued until 8PM with pj's, popcorn and paperbacks.
Should I wax poetic about our first actual day of warmth and sunny skies?
Maybe to wax poetic of the joy I feel about this blogging community I've so recently joined.
It would be easy to wax poetic of friends and precious family, using words yet to be grouped.

More bliss it seems in waxing poetic that poetic waxing.

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