Saturday, March 26, 2011

SOLSC Day 25 of 31 Retail Therapy

Since the announcement card arrived in the mail, I eagerly awaited the reopening of a favorite gift shop that is about 25 minutes from where I live. The store closes after the holidays to again open their doors at the end of March. 

This was the weekend!! As I drove through back roads, I kept imagining this wonderland with its newly displayed treasures that could help me transform my home from snowman land to a fresh spring meadow. This shop has so many unique items and a unique owner. She has the talent of displaying things so that they take your breath away as they draw you into the I think I have to have it frame of mind. There are no simple purchases; it is hard to leave behind any one of the half dozen items nestled together creating the perfect display. I am definitely speaking from experience here.

Picking up my pace, I walked up the long driveway to the converted house. My anticipation heightened as my eyes soaked in the spring flags, tin flowers, butterflies and bunnies lining my path. Walking through the familiar door provided a feast for the senses. Beautifully scented country candles greeted me. Which should I choose?  Oh and the moss to match and how can I leave the ribbon covered eggs behind? Maybe the little fence around the candle would be the finishing touch to create my magazine like display. Breathe deeply, I kept reminding myself, and wander through all the rooms and then decide.

Much like a child in a candy shop I had to show some reserve, as I knew that I had previous years’ treasures waiting in still packed away boxes at home.

I did however make several purchases to feed my spring awaiting soul; a tonic for the senses and the creative side of me. 


  1. Sue,

    How funny to read your title. Guess I wasn't the only one in need of some therapy today. Bumped into another PR friend at the mall. I almost photographed my bags and wrote about "retail therapy." The shop owner would appreciate your post. ~Theresa

  2. Let's go together sometime. I think you'd love it-your "spoon" came from there last year.