Friday, March 11, 2011

SOLSC Day 11 of 31 The Slice Without Its Picture

This slice was going to look very different but I can't seem to figure out how to magically get a picture from my phone onto my computer. As the time approaches the magic hour of midnight, an imagination is necessary so I can post on time.

Picture a pile of books, about 18 inches high. Included in this pile are books which, if I had  a scale, would probably weigh 30 pounds. This pile should have gone into my school bag since next week I have to present to a group of teachers at my school for a portion of Superintendent's Conference Day. The morning is sketched out but the "meat" is not in place. This pile of books are to be my resource.

This towering pile didn't make it into the bag. The week had overwhelmed me and I was tired. So, one resource book and a file are all I brought home. Next week I can go into panic mode.

I wonder if I will regret this decision on Sunday!


  1. Tower piles of books is the mark of every good educator. We can't help it! Did you try emailing the photo to yourself?

  2. Sue,

    Yes, emailing the photo and then saving it to my computer works for me too. Let me know if I can help you in any way for Friday. Your pile of books has me wondering with anticipation!! Don't fret, you will be great. ~Theresa

  3. Thanks for your suggestion. I must be doing something wrong. I did try emailing it to myself. I'll keep trying! Theresa, thanks for your confidence in me!

  4. Hooray! A stop at the Verizon store, and a half hour try everything call to Verizon and I can email pictures from my phone!