Thursday, March 17, 2011

SOLSC Day 17 of 31 Ready to Go...I Think

Our district's Superintendent's Conference Day is tomorrow. A change in pace is good, time to stretch in new directions. But tomorrow I will be doing some of the presenting and facilitating. It's in my building with colleagues I know well and respect. I've done this before (presenting and worrying). So why am I so apprehensive? The smart board presentation, which will be my guide is ready, complete with its links to videos and charts. Handouts are in colorful two-pocket folders. My common sense side says there will be good discussion which will carry us into the coming weeks. Settle down, I know. Cookies are cooling on the table and I've purchased a big bag of chocolate. That's my insurance, I'm ready. I hope.


  1. Chocolate is always good. It sounds like you have done so much to prepare that once you start, smooth sailing. I often think that those who are most nervous do very well indeed, my students included. You hear famous actors say how nervous they are before a performance, & you'd think they would have it down for sure. Best wishes!

  2. I hope everything goes well! There is so much work and thinking that goes into PD. I know the feeling. :)