Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SOLSC Day 22 of 31 Chocolate Soothes Most

Chocolate. It seems to be the universal mood lifter, stress reliever, and calming agent contained in one small foil wrapper. A number of years ago I started the tradition of having a candy (98% chocolate filled) box in my room for teachers to partake of as needed. Word quickly spread and it has become part of a new teacher’s orientation to learn that this box filled with chocolate delights exists in my room.

I can gauge the tone and stress level of the building by the amount of chocolate that is consumed. Prior to vacation weeks I can hardly teach and refill the seemingly self-empting box. Those weeks I contemplate getting a second job to afford the refills. Other weeks I can tell calm is about the building, the box stays quite full for 3-4 days.

On one occasion, an otherwise quiet teacher came into my room and shouted, “I’m so glad you’re not testing. I NEED chocolate!” That sentiment has been repeated over and over. Many have been known to tiptoe in before the kids even arrive to pop the magic tonic.  I work in a building of hard working teachers but if peppermint patties, a favorite of many, are put in the box, by some soundless drumbeat people arrive throughout the day to mine the treasure.

Many a good professional conversation has also been started over the crinkly unwrapping of foil. The size of the mountain of foil generated is often indicative of the intensity of the concern. 

I feel it is a good investment in the well being of my colleagues.


  1. Ahh, chocolate! The key to well-being in many schools. This slice rang so true (I am always scouting for chocolate).

  2. At my school, we certainly all agree with you. I like the bit about the soundless drumbeat. Accurate! And the true test of the tenor of the building-your chocolate consumption. Fabulous deduction.