Sunday, March 20, 2011

SOLSC Day 20 of 31 Ladies Night Out

A dear friend and colleague started a tradition eight years ago that guests enthusiastically look forward to each year. One Saturday evening in March, she invites female friends from school to her home for dinner. The best part is that she does none of the cooking! Though the guests offer to bring something, her husband insists on doing all the cooking. Each year we eagerly await learning what the entrée will be since it is kept a guarded secret until that evening.

Last night marked the eighth annual Ladies Night Out event. The younger teachers eagerly enlist their husbands or parents as babysitters for this can’t wait for event.  The food was amazingly delicious, starting with the beef tenderloin stuffed with REAL crab and finishing with assorted fresh berries swirled with REAL whipped cream. Definitely not an evening to count calories, but so worth it!

Equally anticipated was the wonderful camaraderie that was shared. Before dinner, during dinner and long after the table was cleared, stories were shared of families, school related incidents and slices of life in general. So much laughter was generated that our sides literally ached by evening’s end. 

Grateful to be included though not one of the younger teachers, I had the added pleasure of reflecting on how the lives of these younger teachers had changed in those eight years. Many went from being single, to be being married, they bought houses, and started and enlarged families. A lifetime of experiences! What a gift to be a part of it.

Four new guests were added to this shared evening out this year. As they were leaving, they were already making it known that they would be available this evening next year. They quickly found that delicious food, friends and sharing made it a perfect night out.


  1. I am so glad I read this--what an amazing tradition! It sounds wonderful (and for the hostess to have a husband willing to do that every year is more than wonderful!).
    I have never heard of anyone else doing something like this and am guessing that it helps form and deepen relationships for all of you.

  2. This is a wonderful tradition. I have found my female friends to be more important to me every year. I love my husband, but something about my relationship with the women in my life feeds my soul. Enjoy your friends