Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It seems that the sugary marshmallow treat known as the PEEP has become a part of our culture. I’m not sure why I chose to write about them since as of April I have only one day a week to slice! Maybe it has tickled my brain because it is silly and fun.

At lunch today one of the random turns of the conversation was to PEEPS. Colleagues were recalling their fond memories of these treats that seem to be either loved or loathed. Apparently someone’s mom opened the end of her many packages, letting the PEEPS dry out on the outside so as to emphasize the chewy marshmallow inside. After several months of this drying process, she passed some of these packages to her daughter who welcomed the treat! She even got thinking that she might still have some stashed at home from last year, which she was going to check out tonight. Another recalled serious experimentation where the PEEP was placed on a plate and put in the microwave for various amounts of time. We were assured that the resulting gooey, stretchy mass was delicious. Around the table we found that the “point” value had been calculated so that this faux poultry could be added to her daily food log.

After school I made a stop at a local store to add to the chocolate stash I keep for those in my building. The long aisle of pastel rainbow PEEPS caught my attention. I thought slice, phone, camera, picture…look what only one month of blogging has led me to do!

Purple, yellow, blue, pink, dipped in dark chocolate, sugar free; bunnies and chicks, the boxes were lined up in rows down a long aisle waiting to be taken home to add excitement to Easter baskets.

Doing a little Google snooping, I found that PEEPS have their own website filled with lore, recipes, toys, apparel and serenading music. Videos have been created about these creatures and diorama contests promoted.

So as not to be seen at only one time of year, these cuddly to the teeth treats have been molded into assorted seasonal shapes so that aficionados can enjoy them year round.

Maybe I should buy myself a package and see if I love them more than I remember. I certainly don’t want to miss out on a piece of our culture!


  1. I've never eaten one...should I admit that? Great slice!!

  2. They are a miraculous wonder. Only one of my 3 boys like them, and I make sure I buy him one from every season now. He is becoming surprised that the bunny peep is just a sideline now. Like this blog and picture a lot.

  3. I like your comment, "look what only one month of blogging has led me to do." You captured a fun post about something you noticed. It's addictive.

  4. Ah, Peeps! These were a staple in my home growing up. We also sliced the plastic so our Peeps were stale by Easter morning. Nothing better the hearing your jaw click as you knaw on a marshmallow mess. Enjoy!

  5. A fun slice. Although I can eat other types of Peeps, I prefer the classic yellow ones. I enjoyed the various Peep memories.